Welcome to Torridge Pilot Gig Club Otters (1)-3

Welcome to Torridge Pilot Gig Club Oarsome Otters!

Rowing is a growing sport and one that appeals to people who want to improve their fitness, take part in a team sport, meet new friends and have fun.

What we aim to do for you

To make you feel welcome and valued as a club  member

To introduce you to rowing in a way that is fun and challenging

To ensure you are safe at all times and to help you become aware of how to keep yourself safe on and off the water.

What we would like you to do

Tell one of the coxswains or coaches if you feel uncertain about what you have been asked to do.

Be supportive of each other at all times

Do you best to follow the safety rules that will be explained to you.

Where to come to row

Usually Junior crews will meet on the quayside opposite “Johns” supermaket in Appledore. Jane Halloway will let you know if there is any change to this.


Torridge Pilot Gig club
Was founded in 2006. We have about 80 rowing members. We have 4 boats, 2 fiberglass training boats, Oarsome and Giggles and 2 wooden boats, Will to Win and Kerens, used for some training and racing at regattas. The gig boats are just under 10 metres long, and are rowed by 6 people and have a coxswain to steer.
Each summer both adults and juniors race at some of the many Gig club regattas held in the South West. We row all year round. In winter months we train both on and off the water to practice for the next seasons regattas.

Who you will meet/ important contacts

Jane Halloway is has recently taken on the role as the Junior Coordinator and is your main point of contact. It is important she knows your contact details, and how to get hold of your parents/ guardians/ carers if necessary. 

Jane will be reminding you when there is a row on, and she will let you or your parents know if a row has to be cancelled. This will usually be by text.

Although if you are on Facebook all updates, cancellations and rowing times are on there too. Feel free to add us as a friend, comment or add photos if you wish…….. after all its YOUR page!

If you cannot row for any reason you must let her know as soon as you can. If you just don’t turn up, you will be letting your team mates down. They cannot row without you.

Jane will usually be on the quayside to meet you when you arrive to row.

E-mail: ahalloway53@gmail.com or tpgcotters@gmail.com
Phone: 01237 471620

Pippa Jenkins is the club Welfare Officer

Among other things, the Welfare officer is responsible for making sure that the CPGA (Cornish Pilot Gig Association) Child Protection Policy is followed. He or she is the person you, or your parents should speak to if you have any worries about anything you are unhappy about. If you feel you are being bullied by anyone, or someone asks you to do anything that you are not happy doing.

CRB. Stands for Criminal Records Bureau. It is a check, paid for by the club to ensure that no one with a relevant criminal record has any contact with Juniors in our club.

Coxswains/ Junior Coaches.

All of the coxswains who take the junior club members on the water are club approved coxswains and also have volunteered to work with junior crews. All either have or are in the process of having CRB checks.

Your main coxswains are Tracey Cox, Jon Bowler, Steph Stanley and Judith Reader

It is most likely that when you start racing, Tracey and Jon will be your race coxswains.

Junior helpers/ extra rowers

There are also some club members who have volunteered to help out during Junior training sessions. These are also CRB checked

Tracey Cox, Jon Bowler, Angie Whittaker and Shane Sankey. They will be wearing splash tops with their names on. Or name badges or something Ottery.

What happens when you arrive to row
You will be shown
Where the equipment is stored.
How to prepare the boat for rowing.
How to lift the boat safetly and transport it to the water.
How to put on and adjust and operate your lifejacket. Everyone has to wear a life Jacket. This should be put on before you get in the boat.
Our Junior life jackets all inflate automatically as soon as they are in the water. They also have a manual cord to pull. You must never pull the cord unless your life jacket does not inflate when you are in the water.
How to get into and out of the boat safely
How to get the oars up in preparation for rowing and how to lay them down at the end of the row.
Please remember at all times to listen carefully to the cox. He/she is responsible for the whole crew and its safety.
What to wear/ bring
Wear loose layers, T shirts, shorts, joggers, hoodies. Also bring waterproofs and a drink. You will need wellies to wear for helping to get the boat in and out of the water, and a pair of trainers to row in. You must not wear wellies while rowing. You may wish to buy gloves to row in. Fingerless cycling gloves with some padding on the palms are good.
Unless the boat you will be using is already on the water, you will be asked to arrive 20 minutes before the rowing time so that everyone can get the boat ready for launching. Please be on time. There may be crews wanting to use the boat after you.